About Us

The BHS Theater Guild is a 501(c)(3) Charitable organization that was established to support Beaufort High Schools’s Theater program.

Like all booster clubs, our mission is to support the Beaufort High School Theater Program by providing funding and volunteers to help with building sets, costumes, creating the playbills and all of the other details involved in putting on a show.

Our Mission

Enhance the theater production learning opportunities of students and support performances of anti-bullying plays to the widest audience possible.

Our Vision Statement

The BHS Theater Guild helps students get the most out of their theater productions by allowing the drama teacher to concentrate on the production and not be distracted by other concerns such as publicity, marketing, box office, etc…

To that end, the BHS Theater Guild provides support services such as:

  • running the box office and front of house operations
  • creating the playbills
  • creating marketing material
  • selling performance DVDs (when rights have been secured)
  • running the concession
  • Procuring production Cast & Crew Shirts

In addition, the guild provides needs based subsidies for activities requiring a fee so that students who could not otherwise afford to can still participate and attend.

The BHS Theater Guild supports the anti-bullying message and plays by underwriting the production costs of such that no school funds are used for these performances.

To that end, the guild will be the official producer of the anti-bully plays.
As producers, the guild will

  • negotiate and collect the performance fees for non BHS-based plays
  • license the music
  • pay the travel and other costs associated with traveling performances
  • seek grants to help with fund performances of the anti-bully plays